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Woman with the Sound Recorder


I'm Vandana Ramakrishna, a Sync Sound Recordist and Sound Designer. I got into this journey of exploring sound for films during my Post Graduate Degree. Hailing from a family exposed to art, culture and films, it was natural for me to get into this field. After graduation, I find this immense passion in me to strive towards producing better quality and more deeper soundtracks for films.

I aim to, one day, bring about a little more awareness about the change that good sound design can bring to a film. One of my specific fields of interest in recording sound for documentary films and travel shows, enabling me to record sound from different cultures and terrains.

I'm passionate about translating scripts into films, adding aesthetics and factual representation through appropriate sound design. I pursued a degree in Mass Communication, Psychology and English Literature which has helped shape the way I look at Sound and the contribution of Sound Design for films.

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